Does your bridge look like this?

These are road way bridges and entrance bridges and are signed off by council yet they do not comply with the Transit Bridge Manual. Guess which 2 are council owned.

Is your bridge built by cowboys that talk the talk?
Is it waiting for OHS to take over your farm?
Cheap is usually nasty, make the right chose, CHOOSE Quigley’s!

When the railing and kerbs don’t comply, the vehicles can drive right through them.
When the bridge is not designed by a bridge engineer lives can be lost.
No rails or kerb complying with the Manual to stop vehicles driving through the broken missing deck.

Have you looked under your bridge lately?
Is it moving even a little when you walk on it?
Your bridge may not be far from collapsing!
Would you like us to appraise your bridge?

The old saying “a stitch in time saves 9” and with bridges it saves a lot of money and stress and possible life as well!
Here are a few we have seen that have been close to collapse and not realised. Old rail way wagons are retired from the rail way as they will no longer take a container load, this means that it will not hold the container loaded so why when you put it over a creek is it thought that it can take a truck and a load?

Is your bridge complaint?

All of the bridges we build here at Quigleys are NZTA Compliant. Read the NZTA Bridge Manual here to check if yours is.

Looking for a fully compliant bridge? Get in touch with Quigleys Farm Bridges Today.

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  • Top quality product and installation
  • Receive the best friendly helpful service from the Quigley Family Team

Why Quigleys

  • Proudly owned and operated by the Quigley Family
  • “Bridging the Gaps” since 1987
  • Our bridge designs are the best for compliance, longevity, no maintenance, safety both of people and the environment and of course a low price for a superior bridge…..
  • We have manufactured and installed 6m up to 170m bridges, quickly and efficiently
  • No size to large or small or wide or to remote.
  • Our designs will clear span up to 42m
  • Our designs are used on highways and Farms
  • We have a farming background so truly understand your needs and requirements.

About Quigley’s Farm Bridges Ltd

  • Our civil work includes bridges for several District Councils across the North Island.
  • While working on Transit and Council bridge contracts we found that there was a real need to produce a quality bridge for the farmers that was user friendly and would take the worry out of farming. A Bridge that would be cost effective and of high quality yet within the budget and reduce disruption on the farm during installation.
  • With our Bridge Engineer we designed our unique bridging system where we can clear span up to 42 metres. With this system the largest built and installed bridge crossing was 170 metres for Hamilton District council and we have manufactured and installed rural farm bridges of up to 54 metres.
  • We take care of the entire bridge building process from the first drawing to the first crossing. We offer our expertise in bridge design which has got many across the most challenging terrains with innovative design and superior construction.